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Are you feeling stuck in your life?  Dealing with persistent discomfort in your body?  Perhaps even anxiety, head fogginess or lack of motivation that you can't shake off?  Chances are, energetic imbalances or blocks, within your physical and energetic bodies, may be the cause (and you may not even know it!). 


I have been using a powerful and unique energy clearing system called Keys to Freedom (brought forth by Samantha Red Wolf and the Archangels) - a fast and effective way to remove energetic imbalances (AKA negative energies) from the body, spirit, aura, and energy field.  The Archangels (through Samantha) continue to add to, and upgrade KTF - so it just keeps getting better and better (so grateful for them!)!  My love for this method inspired me to receive certification! 

"Over a lifetime, we become weighed down with millions to even billions of built-up imbalances-much like energetic dirt or plaque. These imbalances weigh heavily on our immune system and emotional well-being, making it difficult to stay healthy and positive. Keys to Freedom energy clearing sessions remove these imbalances and SET YOU FREE."  ~Samantha Red Wolf

I am amazed at how quickly, and powerfully, Keys to Freedom method works!  I have noticed substantial improvements in myself in the areas of relief from arthritis discomfort and various symptoms related to autoimmune and gut issues in just few short weeks (sometimes, immediate!), balanced my chakras (and kept them free of any new imbalances) name a few.  I have also been facilitating sessions to other people, integrating Keys to Freedom method, and the feedback I have received are amazing!  

The Keys to Freedom method is very effective because we're first pulling out and releasing imbalances and blocks before calling in healing essences (blessings from the Akashic Realm Healers, Reiki, crystal energies, and more)!  Clear then heal.  Even before I begin the energy session, I invite your Higher Self, and the Subconscious Mind, to converse with the Archangels to identify energies and ailments, DNA work, physical discomfort relief, heart, trauma and cellular healing, situations that are ready for clearing and healing (even past life issues - if it comes up during the session), positive "pro-balances" added for any imbalances removed (in resonance), and so much more!  They are in charge of the organization and release of these imbalances and blocks and it is ALWAYS done with the utmost of care...and the KTF system allows them to lead the way.


Q & A



The following shared information is from KTF creator, Samantha Red Wolf, and her site.  I will also be sending a letter of detail, prior to a session (to you), along with Client Consent, Waiver, and Liability forms, via e-mail.


What do these session do?

"We have been taught the importance of taking care of our physical bodies. We shower, we brush our teeth, go for checkups and teeth cleaning. But sometime in the past, we humans have forgotten that our ENERGETIC BODIES need care as well. Over a lifetime, we become weighed down with millions to even billions of built-up imbalances-much like energetic dirt or plaque. These imbalances weigh heavily on our immune system and emotional well-being, making it difficult to stay healthy and positive. Keys to Freedom energy clearing sessions remove these imbalances and SET YOU FREE." 

How imbalances are organized.

"Imbalances are organized by the subconscious mind into two sections; "The removable" and the "non removable." Think of these sections like boxes. One is sitting on a table and available to sort through and remove from, which your practitioner does. The second box is hidden under the table and is basically labeled, "None of your business."  Though the subconscious WILL admit to the existence of the box, it won't tell you what or how much is in it. All it WILL do, is carefully release imbalances from the bottom box to the top. The practitioner and client must work together on a consistent basis until this hidden box is emptied. 

How long will this take? It all depends on the individual, the amount of stress and trauma they have been through, and how they process negative energy and emotions. These imbalances have been building up every day, in huge amounts - your entire life! The top box can be cleared fairly quickly, but could it take years to clear ALL imbalances? It's possible. All I can tell you for sure is -- that the KTF system removes imbalances MUCH faster than they have been forming and the positive results of clearing away JUST THAT TOP BOX is always profoundly felt."

How do I keep new imbalances from forming?

"You don’t have to! In your first session, your practitioner places angelic “energetic seals” for you, which immediately stops new energetic imbalances from forming. Your chakras and organs may go out of alignment with stress, but energetic imbalances will no longer be able to form. If you’re not sure if you have the seals, ask your practitioner. They will be happy to place them for you."

Why do I keep seeing some of the same imbalances in my sessions?

"Energetic imbalances begin forming in large numbers when you are a baby. By the time you are just a few years old, you have a virtual mountain of them; almost immeasurable in number. These numbers are even larger depending on age and how much trauma a person has been through. 


The subconscious mind is in charge of organizing and hiding these imbalances in compartments it creates - as a way to reduce their power to hurt you. Because hurt you they do! Imbalances weaken the immune system, making you susceptible to disease, degeneration, and emotional and mental distress. Your subconscious mind is literally keeping you alive under the burden of these imbalances. 


The removal of them is a CAREFUL PROCESS. Your practitioner works with the subconscious mind to remove as many imbalances as possible in each session without taking too much. If too much is removed at once, it can cause extreme detox symptoms and emotional pain. The subconscious mind does not want this! It is very protective and will do anything to keep you safe. This means that you will see many of the same types of imbalances coming up in each session. Each imbalance must be removed little bit by little bit until they are finally cleared. Be patient with the removal process. It takes time and work to safely remove what has been forming your entire life. But I can assure you-it’s worth it!"

How long will it take for me to be cleared of energetic imbalances?

"There are some energetic imbalances that come with your soul and body when you first incarnate. Examples of these are past life energy, resistance to change, cosmic energies, and DNA programs. These imbalances aren’t bad. They help us accomplish and experience what we need to in each of our lives. These imbalances DO come out over time, but only when they are no longer needed. You will most likely see these types of imbalances coming up your entire life and that is normal. 

The rest of your energetic imbalances start forming when you are a baby and they are definitely not needed! The more removed, the better! But removing them takes time and patience, as mentioned above. Plus — each person is different. The more trauma and the age of a person, the more imbalances there are. If you’re an empath, you could even be absorbing others’ imbalances! 

Then there are the secret compartments that the subconscious mind creates to hide these imbalances in an attempt to reduce their power to hurt you. These secret compartments filled with imbalances are so hidden and well guarded - as to be completely untouchable UNTIL the subconscious mind decides that they are SAFE to remove. The only thing to be done about this is TIME TO HEAL. The calmer and happier you become from your sessions, the more likely the subconscious mind will be willing to reveal and release these hidden imbalances. 


Remember that we are working on a virtual mountain of imbalances that have been building up in VERY large amounts since birth. It will take time, dedication, and patience to be free of them."

When will I start seeing results?

"Every person is different and each person will have a different experience. This means that some people will feel a difference right away, while others might not feel better until after they have had a few sessions. Some people experience tremendous relief from pain right away, while others experience relief weeks to months later, and sometimes over a year or so. Keys to Freedom practitioners never know quite what to expect with each person, but overall, the vast majority of people tend to feel lighter, happier, and experience less pain right from the start. Be open to possibilities and you will clear space for positive results. 


I have been working steadily on clients for two years and I have seen physical and emotional issues clear up for people that were categorized as “unsolvable”.  Why? Because that is how much energetic imbalances effect our health and well-being. Over 85% of what causes us discomfort - is either started by or made worse by energetic imbalances. Think about that number and imagine how much better you could be feeling with regular sessions. The possibilities are exciting!"

How often should I have sessions?

"The Keys to Freedom energy clearing system is gentle enough to be done every day, so how often is really up to you. Most clients tend to do one session every 3-7 days, but once a day for a while can be quite powerful! Talk to your practitioner about your preferences." 

What can be expected after a session?

"Some people feel relief right after a session. With others, it can take a while (Remember-you are carrying years of imbalances from your ENTIRE life. An energetic mountain of them! The removal of these imbalances and the subsequent healing from the damage they have caused can take time). Every person is different - as is everyone’s response to each session. Some people feel “small echos” of stuck emotions that have left them. Some people may sweat a lot. Some people find relief from physical pain and anxiety, some have strange dreams. All of this is the body’s way of processing and letting go. 

If you find that new pains are coming up for you, let your practitioner know, as this is most likely new imbalances being pushed to the top box for removal. Once the subconscious catches on that the body is being helped, it becomes eager to continue. 

Be patient with the healing process. It takes time and steady determination to heal the body, mind and heart. Our society has trained us for instant gratification, but in most cases, it doesn’t work that way. If you truly want to heal, you must be willing to put in the time and effort. But I can promise you, it’s well worth it! 

Just remember to go easy on yourself after each session. You’ve just shed several “energetic pounds” of unwanted energetic baggage! Try to get some rest, drink plenty of water and consider taking a soothing shower or a bath."

Can I buy sessions for other people?

"Absolutely! Just be sure to get their verbal consent and your practitioner will be happy to help. When purchasing a session for someone else, please include their first and last name and age."

Can sessions be done for animals or children?

"Yes! Animals are very receptive to energy work and some can even be cleared of all harmful imbalances in a single session. Sessions are also wonderful for children and gentle enough even for babies."

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